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2018-03-14 13:26:37
        We always knew our daughter Kendall was going be a performer of some sort. She entertained people in our small town by putting on shows on our front porch when she was only three or four. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and beautiful, she sang like a little angel and mesmerized1 everyone.  
         When Kendall was five, we began to notice that she was blinking a lot and clearing her throat frequently. We had her tested for allergies2, but the doctor said she wasn't allergic3 to anything at all. After the problem worsened, we took her to our local children's hospital where she was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome4.It was pretty devastating5 because other children constantly made fun of her, and sadly, even a teacher teased her. When the tics were especially bad, Kendall had to wear a neck brace6. She only had one or two friends, but that was okay because they were -- and continue to be -- real, the kind who stick by her, no matter what. Through all this, Kendall continued to sing and entertain. Remarkably7, her tics disappeared when she sang.
         We took our daughter from doctor to doctor, but all they did was give her medication that just made it worse, so we decided8 to go the natural route. Through chiropractic therapy, changes in her diet, and other natural treatments, the tics gradually lessened9.In 2005 when Kendall was sixteen, we thought she was pretty much out of the woods -- or at least heading in that direction. However, as if Tourette's Syndrome wasn't enough for a beautiful young girl to deal with, a freak accident happened.
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