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Company Profile
QINGDAO SANLASER MACHINERY CO. Ltd, is a professional manufacturing enterprise with first class facilities on R&D and production of railway transport equipment components.
Main products include gangway, internal decoration, seat, windscreen and handrail.
The company has EN15085-CL1, ISO9001, ISO3834 certificates, it also has AWS-CWI and AWS welder.
It has 120 people in the factory, more than 30% are technologist and inspector, most of workers are skilled worker, who are familiar with welding different types, different materials (Stainless steel, Aluminum )  handrail.
The Company has won the orders of domestic and overseas transit vehicles from Beijing(handrail, gangway), Guangzhou(gangway), Chengdu(internal decoration,),  Shanghai(handrail, gangway), Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Dongguan…… and USA(MBTA-seat), Brazil(EMU-seat), Argentina, India, Malay, European Star, VT140……It’s one of leading  enterprises in the manufacture of urban mass transit vehicle components and inter-city multiple units components. It has provided more than 3600 vehicles, 59 items in 2015.
It’s subsidiary in Las Vegas, NV, USA, which will establish a new factory in the west of MA, USA. The new factory will hire local workers to produce handrails, windscreens for MBTA.